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Dr. Stubbs

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I have been with your software. It is literally saving me 10 to 15 hours per week in paperwork. The most impressive feature is the ability to customize the software to suite your practice and techniques through the mini-templates. I am amazed at how fast I am able to create notes that are both precise and thorough. As a former insurance adjuster, I know the value of clean concise documentation and I do not think that it could be made any simpler than with DC-PowerNotes. It is clear that you guys have done your homework!

Dr. DeFranco

Patient record keeping use to be for the doctor, now its for your protection against malpractice or so that some guy or gal pushing a pencil can determine if the care you provided was necessary. Unless you love running around with a tape record glued to your lip, and love to spend money on expensive dictation that you later have to proof read anyway, you need a system that will assist you in doing a first class job without all the headaches. Over the past ten years I have purchased and utilized numerous chiropractic note-taking programs to assist me with patient record keeping. No other chiropractic program comes close to competing with this well designed and easy to use program. I have been using DC-Power Notes for several years now with minimal to no complications. If every chiropractor utilized this program instead of scribbling down minimal patient notes, the profession as a whole would have a lot more respect among third party payers.

Dr. Levine

DC-PowerNotes saves me at least an hour each day writing my daily notes and the narrative feature allows me to send referring MD's a note with a couple of mouse clicks. A really terrific program!

Dr. Antczak

Insurance adjusters and attorneys love my notes since I started using the system. Since using DC-PowerNotes I am caught up and organized for the first time in years .

Dr. Bridges

We're impressed with how the system works. It was much less expensive and more comprehensive than the system it replaced. It is also easier to use for both my staff and myself.

Dr. Camp

Our office has tried demo's from different software companies, we found that DC-PowerNotes was very comprehensive and easy to use. Most importantly the cost is below what the others are charging..... and it's better! But I can't say enough about the wonderful tech. support and customer service they have given me! The service and people are excellent!

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